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Aquí puedes completar tus conocimientos sobre economía sumergida con recursos disponibles en inglés. Contiene recursos a todos los niveles, desde juegos interactivos y prácticas hasta publicaciones e informes para investigadores y expertos. Muchas de estas referencias no han sido publicadas en castellano.


Here you can complete your knowledge about underground economics with some available resources in English. All training levels are included, from interactive and practical games to publications and reports for researchers and proffessionals. Most of these contents have not been published in Spanish.


TAXEDU in English

To join the English version of Taxedu

Games, videos, readings and many more are waiting for you!

If you prefer you can start checking the videos of basic concepts you can find next. 

Beware of the dark side: the course about shadow economy of Taxedu

To join this course in English you should follow this link:

Other courses in english can be checked: 

Tax education exercises

Readings and research

Here are some resources available in English language, with limited content in Spanish:


Next you can find some files related with underground economy.

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